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Insulated Bag - WINE-1-1 3 Bottle Messenger Bag

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WINE-1-1 3 Bottle Insulated Messenger Bag

We are excited to introduce our hysterical WINE-1-1 3 Bottle Insulated Messenger Bag! This bag is made from durable woven nylon fabric. Three insulated inner dividers allow for the safe and cool transport of up to three bottles of wine. The strap can be adjusted for shoulder or crossbody wear.

FRONT PANEL ART: Emergency Thirst Aid Kit

INNER PANEL ART: When your life is in crisis, call WINE-1-1.

INNER PANEL SCENES: Use for temporary relief from...

Tyrannical Boss: "Caution: Drinking alcohol with tyrannical boss is not advisable."

Household Chores

Annoying Relatives: "Heated political discussions may require heavier dosage."

Unruly Children

Telemarketers: "I can save you bundle if you switch today, blah, blah, blah."

Hangovers (Wine Flu): "Not to be confused with still drunk."

Irritable Bitch Syndrome: "See also: Chronic Bitch Face."

Zombie Apocalypse

BACK PANEL ART: In case of emergency, pour glass.

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WINE-1-1 3 Bottle Insulated Messenger Bag
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