Top 10 Wine Accessories & Gifts You Need To Get

Top 10 Wine Accessories & Gifts You Need To Get

Are you as much of a wine enthusiast as we are? If so, then do we have a surprise for you! We've gathered what we think are the top 10 wine accessories & gifts you need to get.

Not only are these great items to gift to yourself, but they're also great gifts to give to your fellow wine enthusiast! So grab your favorite beverage (which if you’re here, is probably wine!), sit back, and enjoy perusing through our list of the top 10 wine accessories & gifts! 

Top 10 Wine Accessories & Gifts

1: Wine Bottle Lights

These wine bottle lights are a fantastic accessory for anyone who's into wine. They give off a cozy & warm light that will make your kitchen glow with delight.

They fit into any standard size & shape of the bottle and can help you display the beautiful bottles you've collected.

2: Drink & Judge Coasters

When you're a true wine enthusiast, you'll need a wine-related coaster to set down your wine glass. What better coaster to set your wine down than on a "Let's Drink Wine And Judge People" coaster? How perfect!

These coasters are 4x4 inch wood coasters with a cork backing that are designed to help reduce slipping & stains on your furniture. Grab a variety so you and your friends can each have your own unique wine-related coaster!

3: Corks are for Quitters Embroidered Kitchen Towel

Nothing says your dedication to wine like an embroidered kitchen towel that says "Corks are for Quitters". This can be a great addition to any wine enthusiast's kitchen.

Made of 100% cotton with a diamond weave construction, and 100% sass, this bad boy will clean up just about anything while also motivating you and your friends to finish your bottle of wine! 

4: Drinker Bell Napkins

These hilarious Drinker Bell napkins are the perfect wine accessory to have out during your next wine tasting. They can even be the special napkins that you have in store for when your best friend comes over to share a box or a bottle of wine!

If you or your friends are thinking of having a girls', guys', or friends’ wine night, make sure to stock up on a couple of packs of these so everyone can have one!

5: Outdoorsy Flour Sack Towel

Want to go the extra mile and have your enthusiasm for wine displayed on a flour sack towel? Well, you're in luck because we've got you covered here as well!

These flour sack towels are not only great for showing off to your wine-loving friends, but they're highly absorbent and lint-free too!

6: A Day Without Wine Magnet

Have you ever been to a wine enthusiast's house who didn't have a wine magnet on their fridge? If so, then you need to get them one as soon as possible! If you or your friend are getting into wine and don't have a wine magnet, please do the right thing and get one right away.

Make sure the magnet is a good one though! You'll want a 100% steel 3x3 inch magnet like this one to make sure that it looks good and sticks well on your fridge or your favorite metal object.

7: Drink Wine Dog Tumber & Drink Wine Cat Tumbler

Are you a wine enthusiast and a pet enthusiast? What if you could combine those two identities and display them with a single item!? Get ready, because we are now introducing these insulated wine tumblers that also feature cute pet sayings!

These 12oz, double wall, stainless steel tumblers come in three colors: black, red, & rose gold. They also have a spill-proof lid which is great for when you’re a couple of bottles deep!

Regardless of whether you like cats or dogs, we've got you covered as we have tumblers that feature cats and dogs! Get one together for you and your wine & pet-loving friends!

8: Bring Me Wine Socks

Want to have a newfound superpower of getting wine without leaving your seat or even asking? These socks have the perfect message to tell your friends, roommates, and family exactly what to do "If you can read this, bring me some wine"!

These socks are not only hilarious but also soft, comfortable, and machine washable (great for if you ever spill a little wine on yourself!).

9: Insulated Designer Wine Tote

For those enthusiasts that actually leave their homes from time to time, this is the perfect accessory for you! Never get to your party, beach picnic, or friend's house with warm wine again.

This fun & cute tote can help up to two wine bottles. It's also insulated so you can keep your wine at the perfect temperature.

10: Keychain - Pink Rhinestone

While we don't advise drinking & driving, we do advise accessorizing your keychain! This petite pink rhinestone keychain features a playful little wine glass that is filled with rose pink rhinestones. 

It comes in a variety of different colors so that everyone can get one in the color of their favorite wine!

Final Thoughts On Top 10 Wine Accessories

No matter how long you've been into wine, these top 10 wine accessories & gifts are things that you & your friends need to get! Not only because they’re fun, but because they will tell people around you that you’re fun, thus getting you more friends in the process! What’s better than that?

If you didn't find exactly what you were looking for in this article, feel free to peruse the rest of our website, we're sure that you'll find exactly what you're looking for! 

And if you have a special someone who's also a wine lover, check out our other blog article on the best wine gifts for wine lovers.