Red Purse Hanger

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Red Purse Hanger


Red Purse Hanger

Our stunning Red Wine Purse Hanger features gorgeous deep ruby rhinestones on a silver metal non-slip, non-stick base. It comes individually packaged with its own velvet pouch! It keeps your purse off dirty floors and helps maintain visibility. It can also hold jackets, scarves, umbrellas, and more. Collect all 3 designs: Red, Pink, and Crystal!

Collect All 3 Designs!

Three beautiful purse hanger designs to choose from. These make great gifts, stocking stuffers, corporate event prizes, or even yourself. A great gift for your best friend, bachelorette party, Mom, or any lady in your life who is a wine enthusiast! 

Nobody wants their luxurious purses & handbags to be laying on the dusty ground, in a tucked away bin far away in the attic, or smooshed in the back of your closet. The crystal, red, & pink purse hangers are great for organizing your wardrobe while also keeping your beautiful purses & handbags off the ground. Not only are they meant to hold your purse & handbags, but they'll add a new sparkle & a flare of fun back into your closet. 

These three great designs are not only great for your closets but they're also designed to be put on tables & desks! When you go into the office or place of work with everything that you will need for that day, you need a place to hang your purse. What's better: stuffing your beautiful purse that you're proud of into a drawer OR would you like to hang it from your desk so that everyone can see it.

The reason you want these particular purse hangers is to show the other people in your life that you're a person that likes to have fun! The base features gorgeous crystal rhinestones which resemble a wine glass full of red wine! The "glass" portion is constructed of silver that features a non-slip, non-stick base. This not only ensures that your purse or handbag will be beautifully displayed, but that it won't be slipping, sliding, or going anywhere and will be right by your side all day.

Not only are these crystal, red, & pink hangers highly aesthetic & pleasing to look at, but it's also highly functional. It will allow your purse to be right next to you at all times. So when you need your purse or the contents in your purse, you'll always know exactly where it is and be able to grab what you need at a moment's notice.

If you are concerned about the purse hanger not matching your style, well you're in luck! Our purse hangers come in three beautiful designs. One red, one pink, and one crystal.

Are you a bigger fan of red wine? Perhaps malbec? Maybe you're more of a pinot grigio fan. Or what if you enjoy a nice glass of rosé? No matter your pallet, you'll be able to find one that matches your taste!

Purchase your favorite, get one for your friends & family, or collect all three! Just like wine, there's no wrong choice here! Get your purse hanger today!

  • Red purse hanger
  • Pink purse hanger
  • Crystal purse hanger

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